Plan Your Budd Built in Vacuum Cleaner Layout

To plan your own layout for your Budd Built in Vacuum Cleaner, use the following steps:

  • Pick tentative inlet locations which are accessible and which will not find themselves behind furniture or cabinets. Try to locate inlets in halls and next to door or openings, not in the middle of a wall.
  • Have someone hold one end of the cord at the inlet location. Move around to see if you can reach all corners. Bear in mind that there may be tables, beds, cabinets and other obstructions at some future time.
  • After you have picked locations. Check to be sure that there are no beams, pipes or ducts to prevent you from piping to the proposed location.
  • You can pipe upward or downward from an inlet location. In two story homes or ranch houses it is common to pipe inlets up to the attic. You connect all inlets in the attic and go down to the basement or garage with one pipe.
  • You can expose pipes in a closet or a cabinet.
  • Inlets are available for flush mounting in a sheet rocked wall and for surface mounting on columns or masonry. Inlets are available in White, Almond, Tan and Chocolate Brown.
  • Each inlet has switching built in to turn the motor on when the hose is plugged in. Some operate by raising and lowering the door. Others turn on when the hose is plugged in.
  • It’s a good idea to locate a 110 volt electrical outlet near each vacuum inlet just in case you decide to get and electrically powered rotating brush in the future.

One Outlet Can Serve Several Rooms:
Plan Your Budd Vacuum Layout