“I love my Budd Vacuum. I have a dog that sheds a lot, and I went though several upright vacuums because I couldn’t get them cleaned after only a year of use. I hated the bagless uprights. Now, with my Budd Vacuum, I don’t have that problem–we just empty every few months with no mess. I also notice since my Budd Vacuum I do not see dust particles floating in the air as I used to with my old uprights. I highly recommend a Budd Vacuum.”

-Tami L

“Vacuuming used to be one of my least favorite chores. Since having my Budd Vacuum installed, vacuuming has never been easier.”

-Anthony M

“I am the owner of a Great Pyrenees dog that sheds a lot, so I rely on my Budd Vacuum nearly every day. It is so lightweight and convenient and it offers a variety of attachments that make it easy to clean everything from hardwood floors and carpeting to furniture. As a long time customer, I can truly say my Budd Vacuum is one of the best investments I’ve made in my home.”

-Christine D

“I have had a Budd Vacuum system for 30+ years. It was in the house and about 20 years old when we purchased the house. After another 20 years, at about 40 years old, the motor gave out and we got a newer model. That is now more than 10 years ago. I empty it every few months and that’s it. We never have had a service call except when the 40 year old unit needed to be replaced, and another time when we added another outlet in the basement. I love that there is no need to carry a vacuum cleaner up and down stairs. I only need to take the hose and want. There is no entanglement of an electric cord or moving a heavy vacuum cleaner between furniture and around corners, just a hose.”

-Kari K